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Profane Anything Band, Fops

Profane Anything Band has taken garage rock and gave it meth and punk records in “Liquid Rainbow Math.” On top of this insanity, there is in your face, raging vocals with controversial lyrics. They turned up their guitars and drenched them in distortion. It sounds gritty and dirty. The drums are a stampede behind a kit followed by a fuzzed out bass.

There is a sense of pop especially in the melody in “Think For Yourself” which is catchy. It’s also a mosh tune. You will sing along as you destroy everything around you. The next track “Rainbow And Swastika” has a contagious rhythm in the guitar riff and drums. The chorus is a harsh undertow that will suck you in. It’s the structure of a good punk song. It’s starts and ends in a matter of moments.
“Reflection” begins with a disarray of a keyboard which is overrun by a gush of electric guitar. There is a constant flow of noise as the singer speaks about drinking. This is a nod to alternative rock. “Ring Ring Ring Ring” is an indie pop song in old school punk format. You can hear the vintage and authenticity in the vocals and heavily effected guitar solo. The lyrics are catchy as hell. This song sounds as if it was released in the past.

“Do What I Want” is dominated with a rough guitar riff bouncing around the repeating drum beat. The vocals are sung in such a rock tone. The chorus is the highlight of the track. It has a nice guitar solo tearing the speakers. It’s a great finale to the EP. If you are a fan of garage, punk, or alternative rock, you will enjoy this collection of songs. They are made in a way that they won’t get boring. It’s also a free download, so you have nothing to lose.

Best track: Ring Ring Ring Ring


San Francisco’s Fops has a unique approach to indie rock. They add a bunch of fuzz and psychedelic colorings. The overall effect of their music is a dreamy trip into a beautiful garden living inside a cloud. The guitars and bass are smothered in noise. They balance this noise with calmness. It’s so compressed that comes out in one strong current. There are keys sprinkled on top. It gives it an eighties feel. The drums keep everything in place and are played loud thuds or soft taps. This is the type of music that you have to listen in headphone to achieve its true potential.

“Wang Computers” starts the album in a comedic manner. The singer speaks about the clichés of indie rock and laugh as he mentions them. It’s dressed up with delayed clean guitar riffs. “Debate Class” is a fuzzy dreampop tune about debating. The dreamy vocals, distorted guitars, hazy drums, and colorful keys are brew together so well. It also has a small Lee Ronaldo spoken word part that gives it’s a psychedelic vibe. This is my favorite track of the release.

The song “Aw OK” is a lo-fi pop song that is brilliant in its own terms. The vocals are sung in a hush tone and is dipped is a computer-ish synth distortion. It feels like its getting channeled through an old DL internet connection. This song has such a pleasing sound. “Language” begins with a feedback laden acoustic introduction. It’s sequenced with reverb vocals and instrumentation. It goes backs and forth from the peacefulness and noise. There is so much going on in this track. It will swallow you whole in deep relaxation. You have been warned.

“Yum Yum Yum” could have easily been released during the college rock era. It has a driven keyboard sound that pushes the song forward along with a hidden guitars and machine like drums. The vocals make this track catchy and passionate. It’s a well written track. “Lucky Clover” has a dark shadowy synth leaning over the gothic vocals and rock instrumentation. It all comes together as a melodic rock song. The synths are layered so deep with the edgy guitar. It blends into one. The vocals leave a trail of echoes that will stick to your brain. The song is like a river which looks normal on the outside but it’s actually deadly inside.

The final track “Apple IIe” is a discordant mixture of dirty keyboards and heavily delayed vocals. It’s like stepping into a destructive mind that is bi-polar. It ends so suddenly. It will leave you with a confusion of what just happened. Fops are bringing old and new ideas into the table. They just put it through a whole lot of filters and effects. I am falling deeply in love with this band. I know you will too.

Best track: Debate Class

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  1. Anonymous / Nov 2 2013

    Hello ,
    My name is Jamie Cherry.. I have a band called SROS LORDS…And We are a Slimer-Netic Punk Rock/Garage Synth Punk/Psych-Punk Band ………………………..We are Detroit based . We would looooooooove if you would download our new debut album and Please give it a listen to and review it…here`s a link to our album download……..
    If interested in reviewing…please email me here….
    Jamie Cherry/SROS

    • themusicaljunkie96 / Nov 10 2013

      Hey Jamie!

      Thank you so much for sending me your band’s album and enjoying my page ! I am about to download it and listen to it when I get the chance. I will review it! Thanks again. I will send you a link to the review in an email when it’s completed!

      Jose, The Musical Junkie

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